Teaching 3rd grade, Planets, Hawks and a Mansion

Earlier this week we took the 3rd graders on a tour of the nature trail.  NorthStar students explained the sign/topic that they researched.  Our kids did a great job and the 3rd graders were a great audience.

Today (Wednesday 10/12/11) we spent the day in Duluth.  We split the morning between the UMD Planetarium and the Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory.  At the planetarium the kids learned interesting facts about the planets as well as constolations that we see.

Dawson holding a Sharp Shinned Hawk

At Hawk Ridge we learned about the bird migration which passes through Duluth.  The students identified birds flying overhead and tried to match the count of the official observers at Hawk Ridge. 

Ready to fly

Dawson letting the hawk go

We ended the day with a tour of the Glensheen Mansion.  Our guides took us through many rooms of the home which is much as it was in the early 1900s.

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