Louisiana Pacific, G.L.R.E. Pellet Plant, and Sawyer County Historical Museum

Our class traveled to Hayward and visited several places learning about our areas logging and lumber industry.  We first visited Louisiana Pacific (L.P.) and took a tour of the plant.

Our next stop was the Great Lakes Renewable Energy wood pellet plant and learned about how they make some products that are better than their competitors.  We also learned that they have started making grilling pellets with different flavors that will transfer to the food during the fire.  

We then stopped at the Sawyer County Historical Museum to and got to see some of the stuff that Native Americans used to make or use.  They had different types of rooms to simulate what they would have been like which was perfect because we also were told that the building was an old Ranger Station so it already had all of the rooms.  Some of the rooms were a bedroom with old bedding quilted with straw, an old school room with desks and instruments.  Inside they have a diorama showing what Main Street used to look like years ago. 

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