NorthStar Faculty

The faculty at NorthStar Community Charter School will be experienced teachers from Northwood School.

Mr. Brian Olson is working full-time at the Charter School.  Mr. Olson has previously taught 5th grade at Northwood for over 20 years.

Ms. Dana Lucius is also full time at NorthStar.  She’s been teaching middle school math and science at Northwood.

Ms.  Kristin Kasinskas is  helping with our morning math each day as well as a science class with our students . We’re very excited to have her as she has experience teaching middle school and high school math.

Mr. Chuck Jockisch works with us at least one day a week.  Chuck has over 30 years of experience teaching middle school students.  He is a big part of our field study program.

Ms. Sheryl Beglinger  helps us out  during ALEKS math.  Sheryl has extensive experience teaching math and reading.  We are very fortunate to have her help each day.