School Supply LIst


Supply list for NorthStar Community Charter

    Small Calculator

  • #2 Pencils with erasers •Erasers
  • Set of Colored Pencils •Set of Colored Markers

High lighter    3 Ring Binder

  • 3-4 Notebooks •2 boxes Kleenex
  • Pens (Black or blue ink) •Set of 50-100 notecards
  • 1 large tri-fold display board             •1 glue stick
  • 1-2 bottles rubber cement    •1 large pair scissors
  • Spare pair of outdoor shoes (Don’t need to be new-may get ruined) Flip flops are not appropriate shoes to go out in the woods!
  • Clothes and shoes to go in the woods (long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt to keep at school) Dress for the weather.

1 Computer Storage Device 4 or 8 GB (USB Drive/Flash Drive) We will have some available to use, but they will not be for the students to keep.

  • Bike Helmet (We have helmets but some students like to have their own.)

Optional Items:  The following items will be available to the students. However, if you have a specific brand your child needs or if you want your child to have their own, please feel free to bring in these items.

  • Bug Spray •Work Gloves  •Sunscreen

There may be some other things as the year goes on.   If there is something that you can think of, please let us know, so we can add to our list in the future.  Remember, the kids will be outside a lot and we want them prepared for all types of weather.


Brian Olson

Dana Lucius

Kristin Kasinskas

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